before 2020

They Say It’s All Good But It’s Really A Gradient (2018)
30"x30"    corrupted project file, white out, plastic film, wand scanner, Open Mike Eagle lyric

Simeon Stylites Wants Snacks (2018)
126" by 158"    t-shirts, wand scanner

Patterm (2018)
40"x 44"    various flowers, DSLR

Blind Optimism (2018)
30"x30”    white out, plastic film, wand scanner

60th St. House (2018) 
t-shirts, DSLR

Camelia Cortright (2018)40" by 40"    white out, condensed water colors, wand scanner

"Just So You Know..." (2018)
20"x8.65"    white out, wand scanner

My Car Window Got Broken Last Week (2017)    origami boxes, plexiglas, walnut

Sadness and Confusion (2017)
53"x 51"    winter bush berries and leaves, DSLR

I DN'T KNOW(2017)70”x 80”    t-shirts, DSLR, wand scanner

Self Portrait (2017)
40”x 40”    t-shirts, wand scanner

Erdmann (2017)
50"x 68.75"    various flowers, DSLR

45 (2017)
80"x 50"    various flowers

District of three cultures Lots of islands down river Lake over butterfly (2017)
138"x 74"    dried flowers, DSLR

Banana Republic (2017) 
90"x 35"    various citrus, wand scanner

Indiana Red (2016)
vintage t-shirts, wand scanner

Study in Pink and Yellow (2016)
100"x 137.5"    rhododendron flowers, DSLR
My Friend Died And All I Can Feel Is This Stupid Color (2015)40"x 120"    fall leaves, wand scanner

Weave (2016)
63"x 9"    clothing, wand scanner

Solace (2015)40"x 60"    various flowers, wand scanner, Earl Sweatshirt song

Blaspheme (2015)50"x 90"    figs, flowers, wand scanner